Field Force and Enviro-crime

Enviro-crime is a term given to incidents which impact upon the environment in a negative manner including fly-tipping, graffiti, fly-posting, abandoned vehicles, littering and dog fouling. It has a huge impact on our community, visually spoiling the area we live in and leading to the perception of an unsafe environment. It can also, in turn, lead to more serious crime.

To combat this the Council employs environmental enforcement officers known as “The Field Force”.  All officers are accredited under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme and are part of the extended police family giving them additional powers to deal with low level anti-social behaviour.

The Council has approved an Environmental Enforcement Policy which clarifies the principles behind its enforcement and outlines the measures and fines that can be taken. 

Field Force Officers are involved in the following issues:

1. Investigation of enviro-crime incidents such as:

2. Improving the street scene 

  • Street scene inspections to ensure highway defects are repaired
  • Street inspections to ensure highways are clear of rubbish and litter
  • Ensuring grounds maintenance standards are maintained
  • Inspections of shops and open spaces ensuring landowners keep their areas clear of rubbish and litter

3. Other action taken by the Field Force to improve the environment

  • Removing illegal traders from the highway
  • Skips and scaffolding inspections
  • Removing abandoned trolleys
  • Dealing with obstructive overgrown vegetation

 If you have seen something which needs dealing with then please report it here