Refuse collections

Waste and recycling collections are carried out by Broxbourne Environmental Services Trading Ltd. (BEST) on behalf of Broxbourne Council.

For the majority of residents, refuse collections mean black bins left outside properties. However, there are also services for businesses (commercial waste), bulky waste and clinical waste.

1. Refuse (black wheeled bin)

2. Missed collections

3. Commercial waste and recycling

4. Bulky waste

5. Clinical waste

6. Real nappies scheme

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1. Refuse (black wheeled bin)

Houses in the Borough of Broxbourne are supplied a 180 litre black wheeled bin for non-recyclable waste that is collected fortnightly. Most everyday items are recyclable so few should need to go into this bin.

A black wheeled bin should be placed at the boundary of your property by 7am on the day of collection.

Side waste

Bin lids must be closed to be collected. Crews will not collect waste left outside of the black wheeled bin.

Larger bin allocations

Some households will struggle to reduce non-recyclable waste to fit into a 180 litre black wheeled bin. A larger bin may be allocated to households/properties with:

  • Six or more full time, permanent residents;

  • Residents with mobility issues (including exemptions) who find it difficult to recycle to reduce their refuse;

  • Residents producing significant non-clinical waste as a result of a medical condition.

If this may apply to you, contact the Helpline on 01992 785577 or email

2. Missed collections

You can report a missed collection after 4pm on your collection day and at any time the next working day. We will return to collect within two working days of receiving a report so you should leave your black wheeled bin ready for collection at the boundary of your property.

To log a missed collection, complete a report form or contact the Helpline on 01992 785577.


Any black wheeled bin containing material which contaminates its contents will not be emptied. This is putting the wrong material in your black wheeled bin, such as paint, rubble or hazardous waste. It is the residents’ responsibility to remove the items and dispose of them correctly. The Council will not return to collect contaminated containers until the next scheduled collection. Our A-Z Recycling Guide has more information on what you can recycle, which bin, box or caddy to use, and where to take any surplus refuse and recycling.

3. Commercial waste and recycling

Businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure their commercial waste is kept securely and disposed of correctly, preventing any negative impact on the environment. Environmental Services provide a reliable and competitive commercial waste and recycling collection service to businesses in the borough.


What is commercial waste?

Waste generated from business activities, including all general waste and items that can be recycled, is regarded as commercial waste. Commercial waste can be from premises used for the purposes of a trade or business, sport, recreation, education, or entertainment but does not include household or industrial waste.

Why do I need a commercial waste collections service?

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Duty of Care regulations, all businesses are required to ensure that their waste is contained and disposed of correctly by an authorised waste carrier. Alternatively, you may take your own rubbish to a licensed disposal site or tip and pay the required charges.

PLEASE NOTE: Businesses cannot use the Household Waste Recycling Centres for free waste disposal.

The cost of commercial waste disposal is not included in business rates and therefore each business must make arrangements to dispose of any waste it generates.

Commercial waste collection service

As part of a local authority, Environmental Services are authorised to carry out this service and will:

  • provide you with a Commercial Waste Agreement; a copy of which must be signed and returned to Environmental Services;

  • supply 1,100 litre Eurobin waste containers or commercial waste sacks;

  • provide frequent collections at least weekly, depending on your requirements;

  • take your waste to a licensed disposal site.

Our commercial waste collections are for general commercial waste, this does not include items listed in hazardous waste regulations or the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Directive. Environmental Services provides a collection service for some of these items, please call 01992 785555 ext. 5205 for more information and to obtain a quote.

Commercial recycling collection service

Environmental Services offer a competitively priced commercial recycling collection service to local businesses. We collect a range of recyclable materials, from 240 litre wheeled bins to 1,100 litre eurobins, including:

  • Paper and cardboard

  • Plastics and cans

  • All colours of glass bottles and jars

Recycling has a number of benefits for your business:

  • reduces the cost of your trade waste collections by avoiding landfill tax

  • enables your business to comply with environmental legislation

  • improves the environmental profile of your business

Which areas are eligible for the commercial waste and recycling collection services?

We cover the whole Borough of Broxbourne including Waltham Cross, Cheshunt, Goffs Oak, Wormley, Turnford, Broxbourne and Hoddesdon.

How do I obtain a quote for my business?

To obtain a quote or receive further information on the commercial waste and recycling collection services the council provides, please contact Environmental Services by emailing or calling 01992 785640 or completing our online contact form for a quote.

For the commercial waste charging schedule please click here.

4. Bulky waste

The Council operates a chargeable bulky waste collection service for items such as furniture. Please note that this service cannot collect soil, rubble, plasterboard, tiles, pianos or greenhouses. It is a boundary collection service and we cannot enter properties to collect waste.

How do I book?

You can arrange a bulky waste collection by completing our online contact form and we will contact you to arrange a collection. Alternatively, collections can be arranged at a Council One Stop Shop or by contacting the Helpline on 01992 785577 and selecting option three and then option one when prompted.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the service will depend upon how many items are to be disposed of. Please see the price list for more information.

Commercial premises

Commercial premises are subject to separate charges to the bulky waste collection. Please contact us on 01992 785640 for more information.

5. Clinical waste

The Council provides a clinical waste collection service for residents. Clinical waste should be stored and collected separately from general refuse. It includes syringes and needles, swabs and dressings, human tissue, blood and other bodily fluids.

Clinical sacks

Clinical sacks are collected and replaced on a Monday collection. You will receive the same number of empty sacks as you put out for collection.

Sharps boxes

Sharps boxes are collected and replaced on an 'as required' basis. Once the box is nearly full, a collection can be arranged for the following Monday.

If you require the clinical waste collection service, please contact the Helpline on 01992 785577 or email

Commercial clinical waste

The Council has an obligation under the Environmental Protection Act to arrange the collection of commercial clinical waste when requested. We can provide this service but will arrange it with a private company and charge an administration fee on top of that company's charge.

If your business requires a commercial clinical waste collection, please contact Environmental Services on 01992 785640.

6. Real nappies scheme

The Borough of Broxbourne, in partnership with the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership's real nappies scheme, will give residents a reward for using real nappies.

On average, a baby will use around 5,000 disposable nappies during the first three years of life. This compares to just 20 real nappies that are washed and used again. Disposable nappies can make up to 50 per cent of waste for families with a nappy wearing child and cost the family around £500. It is estimated that participation in the scheme would reduce the amount of household refuse collected by 6.7 tonnes per annum and save families money.

What are real nappies?

Real nappies are reusable cloth nappies which you can wash and use again. Real nappies are similar in shape to disposable nappies, easy to change and many have an adjustable 'birth-to-potty' size. They are soft and chemical free, offer financial savings over disposables, and help to reduce waste.

How do I join the scheme?

If you already buy your own real nappies, you have the opportunity to be reimbursed up to £50 for purchasing real nappies and related products. To receive this payment, residents are required to send proof of purchase of either their own re-usable cotton nappies or membership of a cotton nappy laundering service to the Council, along with a copy of the child's birth certificate. Alternatively, we offer a FREE starter kit if you wish to try real nappies before buying them. To apply for either the £50 reward or free real nappy starter kit, please click here.

Where can I buy real nappies?

Real nappies are easiest to find online. The Great British Nappy Hunt has a list of retailers. They're also increasingly available in high street shops such as Boots, Mothercare and Tesco. You can buy them second hand in good condition from websites like Ebay, Gumtree and Freecycle. Check Facebook for nappy swaps and sellers in your area.

For further information on real nappies, please contact the Helpline on 01992 785577 or email