Street naming and numbering

The Council is the Street Naming and Numbering Authority. It carries out these functions under the Public Health Act 1925.

Any developer or person proposing to carry out any of the following needs to make an application to the Council for the naming and/or numbering of streets and/or properties:

  • The construction of a new road and residential or commercial development
  • The construction of a building or buildings residential or commercial fronting an existing road
  • The construction of a building or buildings within the curtilage of an existing property
  • The conversion of a dwelling or building into two or more units
  • Change of property name or number or adding an alias name both residential or commercial
  • Renumbering of a new development at the request of the developer
  • Renaming of an existing street or naming of an existing un-named road.

Please find listed below our list of charges for the above service.

Existing properties


Change of house name or adding an alias name

No charge

Division of existing property 1-5 units


Division of existing property into more than 5 units


 New properties


1 Plot


2-5 Plots


6-25 Plots


26-75 Plots


76+ plots 


Additional charge where this includes naming of a

building e.g. blocks of flats


New streets

Additional change to house numbering where this includes

naming of a street



Existing street

Renaming of street where requested by residents


No charge

Broxbourne Council has policy guidelines which will be used to determine any street naming and numbering proposal.

To enable us to process your application please refer to the guidelines detailing supporting documentation that will need to be submitted with your application form.

The process can usually be completed within four weeks providing the road name is not contested. A copy of the application form can be downloaded here.

Please return the completed form to; J Clarke, Planning and Development, Borough of Broxbourne, Bishops' College, Churchgate, Cheshunt, Herts EN8 9XB. You can also telephone 01992 785510 or email