Local Land Charges

What is a land charge search?

If you are buying a property within the Borough of Broxbourne area, as part of the conveyancing process, an application is usually made to the Council's Local Land Charges Service to provide financial and other information relating to charges, notices and local authority matters which affect the building(s) or plot of land.

Land and property searches can be carried out by Local Authorities, private search firms and members of the public.

A land search is divided into two parts:

  • part 1: LLC1 form - (Official Certificate of Search)
  • part 2: CON29 form - (Enquiries to the Local Authority)

The LLC1 form is used to search the Register of Local Land Charges and reveals details of any 'charge' (ie. registrations) on the property such as tree preservation orders, conservation areas, planning consents, public health, financial charges, highway agreements, housing grants, and enforcement notices.

The CON29 form deals with two types of enquiries - standard and optional. Standard enquiries reveal information on public paths and byways, road maintenance, planning history and outstanding statutory notices. Optional enquiries reveal information on road proposals by private bodies, environmental and pollution notices.

The information revealed relates to the property or land you are proposing to purchase. It does not give information about adjoining land or properties. If you require further information on the site being searched or the adjoining property or land, you should ask your solicitor to make the relevant enquiry, for which an additional fee may be payable.

Drainage enquiries are dealt with by Thames Water for this area.

Personal searches - to carry out a search in person

Inspection of the Local Land Charges Register may be undertaken free of charge. No information is given in writing and it is the responsibility of the person inspecting the Register to make their own notes.  Please  note that this is not a full search and may be not be acceptable to mortgage lenders.  

The scale of fees for the Land Charges Services is set out below. 

Fees and charges with effect from 31 March 2017

VAT @ 20% is included in fees for CON29 information


LLC1/CON29 (Full Search)


Residential/Commercial (One Parcel of Land)


Each additional parcel (no maximum)


CON29 Only£72

Each additional parcel


CON29O Printed Enquiries


(Questions 4-22 incl.)

£18 per enquiry

LLC1 Only Search


Whole or part of the Register


Each additional parcel (no maximum)


Our commitment to customer service

The Council recognises the importance of the land search to the conveyance process, and the need to turnaround searches as quickly as possible. Our current turnaround is approximately 10 working days.