Hearings Schedule and Key Dates

See below for the lastest hearings programme and agendas for hearing sessions. Please note that the hearing session for Matter 6 Resumed – Policies & Proposals in Different Parts of the Borough (Brookfield) will take place in the Huntingdon Suite, Broxbourne Council Offices, Bishops' College, Churchgate, Cheshunt, EN8 9XG. The Council has published a note regarding access and car parking arrangements for the hearing session here.

All documents pertinent to the examination can be found on the Examination Documents page.


EXAM 8IHearings Programme - Version 11
EXAM13AAgenda for Matter 1 - Legal & Procedural Requirements and Other General Matters
EXAM 13BAgenda for Matter 2 - Economic Development Needs & Land Supply
EXAM 13CAgenda for Matter 3 - Housing Development Needs & Land Supply
EXAM 13DAgenda for Matter 4 - Green Belt
EXAM 13EAgenda For Matter 5 - Retail, Leisure and Other Main Town Centre Uses
EXAM 13FAgenda For Matter 6.1 - Brookfield
EXAM 13GAgenda For Matter 6.2 - 6.3 - Goffs Oak & Rosedale Park
EXAM 13HAgenda For Matter 6.4 - 8 - Cheshunt
EXAM 13IAgenda For Matter 6.9 - 6.12 - Cheshunt FC, Maxwells Farm, Chehsunt Country Club, Park Plaza
EXAM 13JAgenda For Matter 6.13 - 6.14 - Waltham Cross & Hoddesdon
EXAM 13KAgenda For Matter 7 - Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation
EXAM 13LAgenda for Matter 8 - Housing Development Management Policies
EXAM 13MAgenda for Matter 9 - Other Development Management Policies
EXAM 13NAgenda for Matters 10 & 11 - Transport and Other Infrastructure & Other Issues
EXAM 13OAgenda for Matter 3 - Housing Development Needs & Land Supply (Resumed)
EXAM 13P Agenda for Matter 6 - Brookfield (Resumed)

All key dates for the examination of the Broxbourne Local Plan can be viewed below. 

Key DateDescription
28 May 2018  Deadline to notify Programme Officer of any changes required to participation as advertised in the Hearings Programme - Version 1 (EXAM 8).
Week Beginning 4 June 2018Hearing Programme and Participants confirmed.

19 July 2018

Statement Deadline for Matters being considered in Weeks 1 & 2 of the Programme.

15 August 2018

Statement Deadline for Matters being considered in Weeks 3 & 4 of the Programme.

Week Commencing 10 September 2018Hearing Sessions Week 1.
Week Commencing 17 September 2018Hearing Sessions Week 2.
Week Commencing 15 October 2018Hearing Sessions Week 3.
Week Commencing 5 November 2018Hearing Sessions Week 4.
Midday 22 March 2019Deadline to notify the Programme Officer of requested attendence at Further Hearing Session - Issue 6.1 Brookfield. 
Midday 17 May 2019Deadline for responses to the Inspector's further questions (see EXAM 30).
11 June 2019Further Hearing Session - Issue 6.1 Brookfield.
07 January - 19 February 2019Main Modifications Consultation. Please visit the Main Modifications Consultation webpage for further information. 


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