Business Parks

Business parks

Broxbourne has five key employment areas which make a significant contribution to the Borough's job provision and are designated for office, industrial and storage uses. EMP1 of the 2005 Local Plan is used to help determine planning applications in these employment areas and Policy CS5 of the Submission Core Strategy is also used as a material consideration. The Local Plan, which will replace the 2005 version, will look to identify new employment sites in the Borough. In the mean time the Council intends to work with landowners, developers and relevant statutory bodies as well as local community groups and residents to prepare strategies for Hoddesdon Business Park, Delamare Road and Fieldings Road in Cheshunt and Waltham Cross Business Park.  

The purpose of the strategies is to deliver the spatial vision, strategic objectives and policy ambitions of the Local Plan to ensure that key employment sites in the Borough are retained and improved for a range of uses and activities. 

Hoddesdon Business Park improvement plan

The Hoddesdon Business Park Improvement Plan has been prepared to help gain a better understanding of the park's occupants and their needs, to identify its strengths and weaknesses and to set out actions for short and long term improvements. 

The planning team is happy to talk to any businesses who wish to discuss the draft improvement plan and their premises in more detail. Please call 01992 785559.