Submission Documents

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A list of submission documents for the Local Plan Examination.

IndexDocument Author/SourceYear
SUB1The Broxbourne Local Plan - low resolution 
Full document on Portal here
Broxbourne Council2017
The Broxbourne Local Plan: Appendix E - Concept Diagrams 
SUB1ACover PageBroxbourne Council2017
SUB1BInset Map 1 - Park PlazaBroxbourne Council2017
SUB1CInset Map 2 - Goffs Oak AreaBroxbourne Council2017
SUB1DInset Maps 3 & 4 -Brookfield & West HoddesdonBroxbourne Council2017
SUB1EInset Map 5 & 6 - Delamare Road and Broxbourne SchoolBroxbourne Council2017
SUB1FInset Map 7 - Bury Green AreaBroxbourne Council2017
SUB1GInset Map 8 - Britannia NurseriesBroxbourne Council2017
SUB1HInset Map 9 - SpitalbrookBroxbourne Council2017
Other Submission Documents (SUB2 - SUB10) 
SUB2Local Plan Housing TrajectoryBroxbourne Council2017
SUB3Policies Map: High resolution and low resolutionBroxbourne Council2017
SUB4aSustainability Appraisal of the Local PlanLepus2017
SUB4bSustainability Appraisal of the Draft Local PlanLepus2016
SUB4cSustainability Appraisal of the Borough-Wide Options and ScenariosLepus2016
SUB4dSustainability Appraisal of the Framework DocumentLepus2016
SUB4eSustainability Appraisal Scoping ReportLepus2016
SUB5Authority Monitoring Report 2016/17 and 
Appendix 1: Housing Trajectory
Broxbourne Council2017
SUB6Equalities Impact AssessmentBroxbourne Council2017
SUB7Regulation 22 Consultation StatementBroxbourne Council2018
SUB8Duty to Co-Operate Compliance StatementBroxbourne Council2018
SUB9Statement of Community InvolvementBroxbourne Council2016
SUB10Local Development SchemeBroxbourne Council2017