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Local Plan Options, Green Belt, Housing, Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople, Economy, Retail and Town Centres, Environment, Transport, Infrastructure.

 Local Plan Options  
O1Borough-Wide Options and Scenarios Broxbourne Council2016
O2Brookfield Development Options ReportBroxbourne Council2016
O3Bury Green Development Options ReportBroxbourne Council2016
O4Goffs Oak Development Options ReportBroxbourne Council2016
O5Park Plaza Development Options ReportBroxbourne Council2016
O6West of Wormley Development Options ReportBroxbourne Council2016
 Green Belt  
GB1Green Belt Topic Paper Broxbourne Council2017
GB2Green Belt Exceptional Circumstances Broxbourne Council2016
GB3Green Belt Review Scott Wilson2008
GB4Review of the Inner Green Belt BoundaryProspect Planning 2008
H1Strategic Land Availability AssessmentBroxbourne Council2017
H2Partial Review of Objectively Assessed NeedsJustin Gardner2017
H3Review of Objectively Assessed NeedsJustin Gardner2016
H4Strategic Housing Market AssessmentJustin Gardner2013
H5Justin Gardner2018
 Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople  
GT1Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment ORS2017
GT2Gypsy and Traveller Household Formation -Technical Note ORS2015

Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Needs Assessment: Technical Report

University of Salford2014
E1Employment Land StudyAecom2016
E2Broxbourne Corporate Plan 2017-2020Broxbourne Council2017
E3Broxbourne Economic Development StrategyBroxbourne Council2014
E4Broxbourne Skills Strategy Broxbourne Council2017
E5Hertfordshire Strategic Employment Sites Study Regeneris2011
E6Glasshouse Industry - Planning for the FutureLawrence Gould2013
 Retail and Town Centres  
RT1Brookfield Retail Impact StudyWYG2017
RT1ABrookfield Retail Impact Assessment - AddendumWYG2018
RT2Retail Study AddendumWYG2016
RT3Retail & Leisure StudyWYG2015
RT3ABroxbourne Retail & Leisure Study - 2nd Retail AddendumWYG2018
RT3BBroxbourne Retail & Leisure Study - Correction Note for Local Plan Examination HearingsWYG2018
RT4Waltham Cross Town Centre StrategyBroxbourne Council2015
RT5Hoddesdon Town Centre StrategyBroxbourne Council2010
EV1Habitats Regulations Assessment Lepus2018
EV2Habitats Regulations Assessment - Screening ReportLepus2016
EV3Church Lane - Environmental Mitigation StrategyLand Use Consultants2017
EV4Flood Risk Exception Test ReportJBA2017
EV5Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk AssessmentJBA2017
EV6Level 1 Flood Risk Sequential TestJBA2017
EV7Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk AssessmentJBA2016
EV8Brookfield Wildlife Study and Habitat SurveyBSG Ecology2015
EV9Brookfield Wildlife Study Phase 1 Habitats MapBSG Ecology2015
EV10Wildlife Sites Review Strategic development areas Part 1BSG Ecology2012
EV11Wildlife Sites Review Strategic development areas Part 2BSG Ecology2012
EV12Wildlife Sites Ratification ReportHerts Biological Records Centre2012
EV13Hertfordshire Green Infrastructure Study Land Use Consultants2011
EV14Landscape Character AssessmentChris Blandford Associates2008
T1Hertfordshire draft Local Transport Plan 4Hertfordshire County Council2017
T2Draft Transport StrategyWYG2017
T3COMET Modelling ResultsAECOM2017
T4Draft Transport Strategy Modelling Report. 
Technical appendices online here
T5Draft Cycling and Walking Infrastructure PlanBroxbourne Council2017
T6A10 Corridor Design Investigation Report AECOM2017
T7Interim Evidence ReportAECOM2016
T8Existing Conditions ReportAECOM2016
T9Broxbourne Forecasting ReportJMP Consultants2015
T10Local Model Validation ReportJMP Consultants2014
IN1Draft Infrastructure Delivery PlanRS Regeneration2018
IN2Broxbourne Leisure Facilities Strategy - Built Facilities StudyNeil Allen Associates2013
IN3Broxbourne Leisure Facilities Strategy - Outdoor Facilities StudyNeil Allen Associates2013
IN4Broxbourne Leisure Facilities Strategy - Context and BackgroundNeil Allen Associates2013
IN5Meeting the Demand for Primary School Places Hertfordshire County Council2012
IN6Meeting the Demand for Secondary School PlacesHertfordshire County Council2012

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