Development Plan

Development Plan
The Development Plan is the collection of national and local planning documents which are together used to plan for the future of the Borough and to determine planning applications.

National Policies

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in March 2012 and replaces Planning Policy Guidance Notes (PPGs), Planning Policy Statements (PPSs), some Circulars and best practice guidance documents.

Regional Policies

At the current time, the Development Plan comprised the East of England Plan, but it is the intention that this will be revoked as part of the coalition Government “localism” agenda to allow more decision making at the local level.

Local Policies

Local planning documents comprise the saved policies of the Broxbourne Local Plan Second Review and Supplementary Planning Guidance documents which supplement existing Local Plan policies.

These policies are in the process of being replaced by the emerging Local Plan .

Other Planning Documents

In addition to the documents that make up the Development Plan there are also a number of planning documents which may be regarded as a “material consideration” in the determination of planning applications and the negotiation of Section 106 planning contributions.  These include Town Centre Strategies,  Development Briefs and Business Park Improvement Plans.