Core Strategy Process


The Core Strategy set out a vision for the future of Broxbourne as a prosperous and sustainable community.  It was submitted to the Government in December 2010 and subjected to independent inspection in spring 2011.  However, some of its key policies were found to be “unsound” and were recommended for deletion.  The Council was deeply disappointed at this decision and has decided not to adopt the Core Strategy and to instead prepare a new-style Local Plan that combines strategic policies and site allocations.

Issues and Options

The Core Strategy Issues and Options consultation was undertaken in May 2007.

Preferred Options

The Core Strategy Preferred Options consultation was undertaken in November 2008.


The Core Strategy Pre-Submission document was undertaken in August 2010.

- Core Strategy Pre-Submission document

- Core Strategy Pre-Submission glossy brochure

- Sustainability Appraisal

- Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary

- Habitats Assessment

- Regulation 27 Statement of Consultation

- Regulation 27 Statement of Representations Procedure

The Council received 97 responses to the Core Strategy Pre-Submission document from statutory bodies, public sector organisations, landowners/ developers and local residents.


The Core Strategy was submitted to the Secretary of State in December 2010.

- Submission Core Strategy

- Regulation 30 Statement of Consultation

- Regulation 30 Statement of Inspection

- Self-Assessment Statement

Examination and Inspector's Report

The Core Strategy Examination in Public began in March 2011.  Its purpose was for an independent inspector, Mr Geoff Salter BA MRTPI, to consider the Core Strategy along with representations made and supporting evidence to determine whether it was “sound”. 

The Council received the Inspector’s Report in December 2011.  It concluded that the Core Strategy could be found sound, but only if a number of key policies were changed or deleted.

- Inspector’s Report

- Appendix A Minor Changes Schedule

- Appendix B Major Changes Schedule

Documentation relating to the EiP is available upon request from the Council.