Locally Listed Buildings

'Local List' identifies and protects buildings, structures, monuments and landscapes which are locally valued but do not warrant national protection.  Demolition, alteration or extension of local list buildings would not require listed building consent but their inclusion within the list carries a presumption in favour of protection and conservation.  Inclusion on a local list would also be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications affecting such buildings.

The Local List was adopted in November 2011. The former Victoria Arms PH, 147 Turners Hill  was added in March 2017.

Historic and architectural evidence for each of the nominated buildings/ structures in the Local List has been researched and a site visit undertaken. A selection panel, comprising elected members of the Planning & Regulatory Committee, planning officers, historic environment professionals and representatives of local organisations have also reviewed the buildings/ structures. 

It is the intention that the Local List be updated annually. If appropriate, more frequent up-dating may be proposed to deal with any urgent cases or as a result of conservation appraisals recommending entries within a particular area. 

How to nominate local buildings or structures of importance to you

Nominations will continue to be accepted throughout the year using the nomination form.  If you can think of any buildings/ structures etc. which fulfil the following criteria, please complete a nomination form:  

    They have a unique architectural style
    May be designed by an important local architect or built using local materials
    They are associated with an historic local event or were once lived in by someone famous
    They contribute to an attractive streetscape or landscape which would be greatly affected by their loss.
Please email the planning policy team at planningpolicy@broxbourne.gov.uk or telephone 01992 785559 if you require further information on the Local List or a copy of the nomination form.