Conservation Areas

Conservation areas

Conservation refers to buildings, streets and areas of Broxbourne which are protected by the planning system because of their landscape, heritage, architectural, archaeological or biodiversity value. There are currently six conservation areas in the Borough:

    New River

Conservation areas are places of special architectural or historic interest which deserve careful protection. However, this does not mean they will be frozen in time, as change is necessary to accommodate the demands of modern life. The purpose of conservation area status is to ensure that any new development enhances rather than detracts from the special character of the area.  

Hoddesdon Conservation Area Appraisal

The Council's Planning and Regulatory Committee in July 2010 approved the production of a programme of characterisation appraisals for Broxbourne's conservation areas.

The Council commissioned consultants to undertake its first appraisal of Hoddesdon conservation area. The appraisal was approved by the Council's Cabinet in October 2011 and a final copy can be viewed online or at the Council offices, one stop shops or Hoddesdon Library. 

The document will help developers to understand and take account of heritage issues when preparing planning applications and for the Council to use as a material consideration when determining planning applications.

Trees in Conservation Areas

See information regarding applying for works to trees in Conservation Area by clicking on this link