Housing Strategy

The Council's Housing Strategy sets out the strategic housing priorities for the Council. It sits under the Community Plan, and the Sub-Regional, Regional and National Housing Strategies.


The Council has a statutory duty to produce a suite of strategies that set out policies on housing in the Borough. These can be found below:


Affordable Housing Strategy


The Council has approved an Affordable Housing Strategy.



Homelessness Strategy

The Council has a statutory duty to produce a Homelessness Strategy.

A link to the Homelessness Strategy can be found below:


Tenancy Strategy

The Council's Tenancy Strategy sets out the factors which registered providers of social housing in Broxbourne should consider when formulating their tenancy policies. The Council approved the Tenancy Strategy for Broxbourne in September 2012. 


Quarterly Housing Monitor


The Council produces a quarterly Housing Monitor with up-to-date information about the housing situation in the Borough.