Choice Based Lettings

Choice Based Lettings (CBL) is a simple, clear process through which affordable housing is allocated in Broxbourne to applicants on the housing register and transfer list. CBL allows you to let the Council know which properties you would like to be put forward for in the area of your choice, rather than the Council nominating you to a property. The scheme operating in Broxbourne is HomeOption.


How does Choice Based Lettings work?

The scheme puts the initiative on you, the customer, to express an interest for properties that are advertised. To express an interest means to tell us that you would like to live in a certain property; it does not involve a deposit or any money.


Those registered on the Council's Housing and Transfer Register can 'bid' for properties they are interested in. The successful bidder is the person with the highest points and who best meets the criteria for the property. Our Allocations Policy, which can be found on the Housing leaflets and forms page, details how the Council determines priorities between housing applicants.


You will be able to express an interest using a variety of methods including via the internet, by telephone or text message. 


What happens when I bid for a housing association property?

The housing options team will draw up the shortlist of  the bidders for the properties on the Wednesday after the bidding cycle closes. If you are the top bidder we will contact you and let you know. We will then forward your details to the Housing Association (HA), who will contact you directly to arrange to view the property.


Following the viewing, if you still want to move into the accommodation, the HA will offer the property to you. Normally, there is no problem with this process.  However, HAs do reserve the right to decline any nomination made.   


Where can I find out more about HomeOption?

If you would like more information about the scheme, see the HomeOption website or telephone 01992 785505.


I need more information about CBL

For more information about Choice Based Lettings, visit the FAQs section, or contact the Council.