Broxbourne Council's Housing Register

What is the council's Housing Register?

The Council maintains a waiting list of people who have been accepted as eligible to move into a housing association home in the Borough. 

How can I join the Housing Register?

To see if you are eligible to join the Housing Register and make an application please go to the HomeOption website. All Housing Register applications need to be completed online.

The Council has made changes to its Allocations Policy, it can be found on the Housing leaflets and forms page.

In order to qualify to go on the Housing Register applicants must be resident in the Borough of Broxbourne continuously for a period of five years prior to the application being made. However, there are some exceptions to this rule and these are detailed in the policy. Applicants on the transfer list (those who are social housing tenants already and want to move) must have been tenants for at least a year. However, people who are homeless can still apply to the Council for assistance - please see the Homelessness page for further details.

More Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not lived in the Borough for five years

If you are currently on the Housing Register but have not lived in the Borough of Broxbourne for five years, you must inform the Council's Housing Needs section immediately by emailing if you have not already done so. Otherwise, it is highly likely that your application is invalid (see below).

If you inform us that this is the case you will be removed from the Housing Register but will be able to re-register when you meet the five year residency requirement, no other penalties will arise. 

If it is established that you are on the Housing Register and have not been resident for five years having not volunteered this information to the Council, your case will be removed from the Housing Register and will be suspended for one additional year over and above any time needed for you to meet the five year residency qualification.

Even if you now meet the five-year residency qualification but it is subsequently established that you had not done so at or after December 2013, when this policy came into force, and had not informed the Council, your application will be regarded as invalid and you will be suspended for one year and will need to reapply at the end of that year.

Remember: If you are on the Housing Register and you have not lived in the Borough for five years and you have not told us, your application is almost certainly invalid.

Who is now eligible to join the Housing Register?

Anyone aged 16 years and over, who is not already a housing association tenant and who lives in Broxbourne and has done so for at least five years, is eligible to join the housing register as a new applicant. However, you will not be eligible to join if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • You are a homeowner

  • You are deemed able to make your own housing arrangements, including any household which has capital exceeding £16,000 (or whatever capital savings cap is applicable under the housing benefit regulations at the time) or a household that earns more than £60,000 per annum

  • You are subject to immigration control or you are not normally a resident in the UK and this precludes you from housing accommodation provided under Part VI of the Housing Act 1996
  • The Council is satisfied that you or a member of your household is guilty of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make your household unsuitable to be a social housing tenant

People aged 16 or 17 wishing to register on the list must have a guarantor (over the age of 18) who will guarantee the tenancy offered until the applicant reaches 18. This is because people under the age of 18 are not legally able to sign a tenancy contract. The guarantor may be a parent, guardian or social worker.

Applications may be suspended (put on hold), for the following reasons:

  • If you owe money to the Council

  • If you have been evicted from a council or housing association tenancy due to anti-social behaviour, rent arrears or other breach of tenancy

  • If you are residing in accommodation which was purchased through a subsidised scheme i.e. Right to Buy, Tenants Cash Incentive or you have benefited from such a scheme and it is within five years from the date of purchase

  • If you have been found intentionally homeless. In such cases your application will be suspended for one year from the date of the decision

  • If you refuse three offers of suitable accommodation. This will be a deferral period of one year and will start from the date of the third and final offer.

What happens once an application has been accepted?

Applications are assessed to establish the size of the property needed. The Council then awards points and nominates applicants to properties according to its Allocations Policy. A copy of the policy can be found on the Housing leaflets and forms page. 

The Council must be kept informed of any change in your circumstances as this may affect your position on the list. Any changes must be notified by completing a Change of Circumstances form. This form can only be completed online, by visiting the Home Option website and logging in to your account.  Housing Needs staff will be happy to advise you if you have any difficulties with this process.

You will receive a reminder once a year asking you to log into your account on the HomeOption website if you wish to remain on the housing register. If you do not log into your account you will be sent a reminder by email or by letter if the Council does not have an email address for you. This is the annual review process and if your application is not renewed it will be cancelled, so it is very important that you reply.

What if I have particular medical problems?

If you have medical problems which are affected by your current housing, you may be given extra points. Our fact sheet on medical circumstances will give you more information about this and can be found on the Leaflets and forms page.

How to get more information

For more questions and answers relating to the Housing Register, visit the Housing Register FAQs.

For more information on housing association homes in the Borough, please visit the Housing Association Homes in Broxbourne page.

If you have difficulty in getting access to or using a computer, please contact the Housing Register Team on 01992 785555 or email