What is fly-tipping?

  • Dumping of rubbish in a place where it is not authorised - this can be anything from a sack of household rubbish, a sofa or anything up to large commercial waste deposits
      • Please note neighbourhood recycling ponits are not authorised to take household waste they can only accept your excess recyclable materials so please do not leave your rubbish at this site or you risk being fined. In addition please do not leave you rubbish outside the gates of the household waste sites if they are closed. Please look at the Council web sites for opening times.

      What should I do if I see someone dumping their waste?

      • Call the Council on 01992 785577. If it is a large dumping of waste and you are witnessing the event please contact the police immediately on 999.
      • Provide as many details as possible of when it happened and where it was dumped. It would helpful if you take the registration number of the vehicle and a description of the individuals to assist with further investigations. Please take note of as many details, such as:
        • date and time
        • location
        • description of the individual(s) dumping the waste
        • details of the vehicle (registration number, car make and colour)
        • type of waste and how much
        • include photos of the waste and fly-tipper(s) (if possible and safe to do so).

       Let's SCRAP fly-tipping

      As part of the Hertfordshire Fly Tipping Group, we are asking all Broxbourne residents to SCRAP fly-tipping.

      The best way to prevent organised fly-tipping is to make sure that you only use authorised waste carriers to remove your waste. If your waste is fly-tipped by someone else you could face prosecution and an unlimited fine. Follow the SCRAP code to avoid a fine:

      Suspect all waste carriers. Don't let them take your rubbish until they provide proof of registration. Note the vehicle's registration plate.

      Check that a waste carrier is registered on the Environment Agency's website.

      Refuse any unexpected offers to have your rubbish taken away.

      Ask how your rubbish will be disposed of - seek evidence of this.

      Paperwork must be obtained: a proper invoice, waste transfer note or receipt, including a description of the waste being removed and the waste carrier's contact details.

      Waste aware fridge fpn herts from Think About It Films on Vimeo.

      For more details please download the Let's SCRAP Flytipping leaflet.

      I have waste to get rid of, where should i take it?

      You can dispose of your waste at the kerbside, at local Recycling Points, at the Household Waste & Recycling Centre in the Fairways, Brookfield Farm, Turnford (open Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed 10 am to 6 pm, closed Thurs, Fri) or Pindar Road, Hoddesdon (open Mon, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun 10am to 6pm, closed Tues, Wed), or using our Bulky Waste Collection Service.

      If you have bulky rubbish to dispose of, telephone the Helpline on 01992 785577 and get it disposed of by the Council. 

      You should be aware that dumping of waste is illegal and is a criminal offence. The Council takes all cases of fly-tipping seriously and will prosecute offenders. An initial investigation will be carried out within 3 working days from the date of your report.

      Is your business disposing of it's waste correctly?

      Every business that produces waste in the UK has a legal duty of care to:

      • manage their waste properly until it is recycled or diposed of
      • use a registered waste carrier or register to carry their own waste
      • keep the correct paperwork for at least two years

      We offer a Commercial Waste and Recycling Collection Service.

      Get help complying with the law:

      The Hertfordshire Fly Tipping Group

      The Hertfordshire Fly Tipping Group is a multi-agency taskforce including the Boroughs, Districts and County Council as well as the Police, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Herts Fire & Rescue, the Environment Agency, the National Farmers Union and Keep Britain Tidy, which have come together to improve how Hertfordshire responds to fly tipping. For more information please visit Hertfordshire County Council's website.