Persistent Evaders

Broxbourne Council has the authority to remove and impound the vehicles of persistent evaders of Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) under the Traffic Management Act 2004.

A persistent evader is defined by the Department for Transport as ‘a vehicle owner who has three or more recorded contraventions for the vehicle and those Penalty Charge Notices have not been paid, represented or appealed against within the statutory time limits, or their representations or appeals have been rejected but they have still not been paid’.

If a vehicle is removed it will be released upon confirmation of the owner’s current address and payment of the cost of the vehicle removal, any storage charges and the PCN issued at the time of removal. The vehicle removal fee is £105 and the vehicle storage charge from midnight of the day following the removal is £12.

If you think your vehicle has been removed under this procedure please contact Parking Services on 01992 785577.

Please see the Council's leaflet for further information.