Noise, smoke and nuisance

Environmental Health investigates complaints of noise, smoke, dust, odour, light and insect nuisance and the accumulations of rubbish.
The complaint could be:
·         Late night noise from a neighbour's stereo
·         Smoke from persistent garden bonfires
·         Continuous odour from bad farming practices
·         Fumes from a processing plant
·         Excessive dust from a construction site
·         Intrusive light from a neighbour's security light
·         Flies from neighbouring food premises
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What happens next?
If the nuisance is occurring at the time that you call, we may be able to visit and witness the nuisance immediately. Most complaints that we receive are about matters that are intermittent and in these cases, we will normally ask you to complete a diary sheet and send it back to us, so that we can properly understand the nature of the problem. 
If our investigation confirms that there is a serious problem, which is persistent and unreasonable, (a “statutory nuisance”) we will serve a formal warning notice (abatement notice) requiring the person responsible to stop causing the problem. If the abatement notice is not complied with in the timescale that we have set, we can prosecute the person causing the problem or, depending on the circumstances of the case, take default action to remedy the problem, for example by seizing noise making equipment.
More information about statutory nuisances, how we investigate them and taking your own action is available in the leaflets below.
Construction noise
Noise from construction or building works is often unavoidable. However ‘noisy activities’ from such sites should only be undertaken between the following hours unless there are exceptional reasons for working at other times and appropriate control measures are taken:
·         Monday – Friday,  8am and 6pm
·         Saturday, 8am and 1pm
·         Sunday and bank holidays - No work
There is no specific law that makes it illegal to have a bonfire or prohibits the times they can be lit. However, Environmental Health will take action if a smoke nuisance from a bonfire is caused. See related link for further information.


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