Advice for tenants

The Council expects all rented accommodation in the borough to be safe and free from health hazards.
If there is a problem with your rented home, you should contact your landlord or agent to let them know.  If possible, send them a letter or an email and keep a copy.
If your landlord or agent doesn't sort out the problem, please contact us.
Problems we can help with include:
  • Missing or inadequate heating or hot water
  • Dangerous stairs and steps
  • Damp and mould
  • Unsafe gas appliances and electrics
  • Missing smoke alarms or other fire precautions
  • Overcrowding
When you make a complaint, we will usually visit your home to carry out an inspection.  If we find a problem which might result in a serious risk to health, we will contact your landlord or agent to ask them to carry out work.  If the work is not completed, the Council can take legal action.
Further information