Water quality and drainage

Water quality

Drinking water quality is primarily the responsibility of the water company supplying the water. In Broxbourne, Thames Water is the company that supplies mains water to the district. Water companies are regulated by the Drinking Water Inspectorate*, which publishes annual reports on drinking water quality across the country.

A small number of properties, generally in more remote, rural parts of the district are not connected to the mains supply and rely on private supplies, generally from a well or borehole. The Council has specific duties to monitor these supplies in order to protect public health. The Council is entitled to charge for some of these services – see the fees and charges page for more information.

The quality of river water and groundwater is the responsibility of the Environment Agency. ***

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If you have a query about private water supplies, please contact us.

Drainage problems

Responsibility for drainage and sewerage problems is generally shared between property owners, water and sewerage authorities, and highway authorities.

Sewerage companies are responsible for the public sewers. These are usually in roads or public open spaces, but may run through private gardens. The sewerage company has a right of access to these sewers for maintenance. If the company carries out work on sewers on your land they must follow a code of practice, which is available from the company. Thames Water is the sewerage company for all properties in Broxbourne . You can confirm who your sewerage company is by checking your water bill.

The drains, and internal pipes, within a property that carry household waste are normally the property owner's (or the landlord's) responsibility up until the boundary of the property where they connect to public sewers. There will often be a company maintained manhole at that point. Your sewerage company will advise you about investigations and help available in the event of blockages or flooding. They may advise you of charges that may apply for carrying out work to private drains.

Gullies and drains on public highways are usually the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council.*


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