Staying safe

Broxbourne is a safe area and the services listed here can help residents to keep themselves and their neighbourhoods secure.

Community safety in Broxbourne

Broxbourne is a safe area with low levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.  The Council is one of the key partners in the Broxbourne Community Safety Partnership, which uses its resources to improve community safety and tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.  Crimes such as theft, assault and criminal damage should be reported to the police:
Hertfordshire Police Non-Emergency Number: 101
Always call 999 in an emergency
Anti-social behaviour, such as vandalism, excessive noise, fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles can be reported to the Council's helpline on 01992 785577.
For more information contact the Council's community safety team on 01992 785573 or email

Crime Prevention Panel

The Broxbourne Crime Prevention Panel is a voluntary group that assists the Police and Council with giving crime prevention advice and information to the public.  The Panel attends many events throughout the Borough handing out leaflets, property marking kits, purse bells and advice on home security and personal safety.  For more information contact Kathi Broad, Chair of the Panel on 01992 621691.

Elder abuse

Elder abuse is the mistreatment of an older person, which could be physical, sexual, psychological, financial or could include neglect or discrimination.
If you are concerned about yourself or someone else you can call either of these free helplines for confidential advice:
Action on Elder Abuse National Helpline: 0808 808 8141 or visit the Action on Elder Abuse website
Hertfordshire Domestic Violence/Abuse Line: 08 088 088 088

Fire safety and fire alarms

The Fire Safety Advice Line can offer advice on all aspects of fire safety in the home and can connect you to more specialist advice if needed.
For advice on fire safety and the fitting of fire alarms call the Fire Safety Advice Line on 0300 123 4046, or to arrange for a free home fire safety check freephone 0800 587 3347.

Home safety

The Hertfordshire Home Security Service can fit and maintain locks, give advice on home security, fire safety and falls prevention and provide general maintenance to ensure health and safety.
For more information contact Medequip on 0208 438 2920 or email

Neighbourhood policing

The Hoddesdon and Cheshunt Safer Neighbourhood teams are your dedicated policing teams, working to keep the Borough of Broxbourne a safe place to live and a 'no go' zone for criminals.  The Neighbourhood Teams, supported by Special Constables, regularly carry out high visibility patrols in all neighbourhoods in the Borough.  The teams are made up of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), Police Constables, Sergeants and an Inspector.  This is in addition to over fifty response officers who go to emergency incidents and work to keep the Borough a safe place to live.  Residents can contribute to deciding the priorities their Neighbourhood Officers will deal with by joining a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. 
For more information on neighbourhood policing, call 101 or visit the Hertfordshire Police website.