School Parking Campaign

The Broxbourne Community Safety Partnership is working to reduce illegal and dangerous parking around schools in the Borough. The Partnership is running a campaign aimed at changing parents attitudes and habits by encouraging more walking and cycling to school, increasing parking enforcement outside schools and informing parents about schemes such as park and stride and walking buses.

Police and council officers will be stepping up patrols and schools will be passing the registration numbers of persistent offenders to the Council for further action.   


Is driving your child to school safer?


Parents parking illegally outside schools can cause problems for school children, other drivers and local residents.

  • Parking on yellow lines and zig zags

     reduces visibility and increases the risks for people crossing roads.

  • Parking on pavements

     means people have to walk in the road which puts them at risk.

  • Parking on driveways and in front of entrances

     causes annoyance and inconvenience to local residents.

  • Stopping suddenly in the road to let children 'jump' out

     can cause problems for drivers and lead to accidents.


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