Community Safety

Broxbourne is a safe place to live, with relatively low levels of crime and anti-social behaviour. 

It is the responsibility of the Broxbourne Community Safety Partnership which comprises Council, Police and other statutory agencies to work in partnership to improve community safety and improve public confidence that action is being taken to address these issues. 

The aims and objectives for the Broxbourne Community Safety Partnership in promoting community safety are as follows:

  • To promote pro-social behaviour
  • To actively assist in the reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour within the Borough
  • To investigate and take prompt and reasoned action as and where necessary
  • To improve the environment to reduce the opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour 
  • To initiate early intervention to prevent future, possibly more serious anti-social behaviour
  • To provide reasonable assistance to those reporting or committing anti-social behaviour
  • To actively work to promote tolerance between sections of the community to reduce the fear of crime and improve residents' quality of life
  • To support and encourage the more vulnerable sectors of the community to report incidents targeted at them because of their race, gender or disability

The local Community Safety Plan shows how the Partnership will prioritise its resources and respond to the findings of an annual strategic assessment to address the community safety issues that are of most concern to those who live and work in the Borough. It also takes into consideration all other relevant local, regional and national agendas.  The Plan is in the related links section.

Residents who would like more information about Community Safety or have any questions should contact the community safety team at Broxbourne Council on 01992 785573 or e-mail

Residents are encouraged to attend either the Broxbourne Community Safety Consultation Forum or their local area forum to find out more about actions being taken to improve community safety and public confidence/reassurance in the Borough of Broxbourne.


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