Council Tax Support

Council tax support (CTS) is a reduction to a council tax bill and can be awarded to people on low incomes.

With effect from 1 April 2013, the Government abolished the Council Tax Benefit (CTB) scheme and all local authorities had to replace it with their own scheme. 

You can find out if you will qualify for council tax support  by using our our Council Tax Support Calculator

The main principles of Broxbourne's council tax support scheme are:

1. CTS is restricted to 75% of your liability. This means that everyone has to pay a minimum of 25% of their bill.

2. CTS is limited to a band E property. If your property is in band F, G or H, your CTS will be limited to 75% of the charge for a Band E property.

3. Within current CTB rules, for each pound of income you have that exceeds an amount allowed to meet basic living needs, 20p is used to reduce your benefit.  In CTS, we are increasing this amount to 25p per pound.

4. Second Adult Rebate has been removed entirely from the scheme for working age claimants.

5. The backdating provision has been removed and replaced with an automatic start date of your claim up to three months prior to us receiving a claim for CTS (as long as you have a liability for that period).

6. Non-dependant deductions have been condensed (per non-dependant)


Weekly gross income

Deduction from CTS per week

£0 - £150


£150 +


7. If you, your partner or a dependent child who lives with you receive any of the following:

Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Attendance Allowance/ Constant Attendance Allowance, Support Component of Employment Support allowance, War Disablement Pension, War Widow's Pension or an amount within an award of Jobseeker's Allowance or Income Support for Disability, you will be exempt from the changes in points 1 - 3 so it is more important than ever to keep us updated with your current circumstances as you may lose support if you don’t.

8. Increasing the amount of employment income we disregard when we calculate your CTS by £5 per week,

9. Increasing the extended payment period from four to six weeks.

You can read the full regulations here.