Hoddesdon Swimming Club

Hoddesdon Swimming Club are offering any swimmers enrolled on Fit&Well Swim School the option to have a weekly one hour FREE swimming trial for a three week period. If you are interested, a mutually convenient time will be arranged for your child to attend an hour training session, where your child will be assessed for the most suitable squad and will then join that squad for the remainder of the trial. If you wish to continue after the trial, you will be asked to enrol your child as a member of the club but will continue to receive FREE swim club training whilst your child is enrolled on Fit&Well Swim School. To ensure the success of this partnership your child should remain on Fit&Well Swim School until they have passed their NPTS Level 8 Award.

For further information please contact Hoddesdon Swimming Club:

Mary Wright / Andrew Woodhouse (Head Coach) hoddesdonscheadcoach@gmail.com

Janet Warrington (Disability Head Coach) hoddesdonscdisability@gmail.com

Nicky Coker: (Secretary) hoddesdonscsecretary@gmail.com