Group Membership FAQ's

Group Membership Frequently Asked Questions


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  • How does Group Membership work?

One group member must be the primary member and that person takes financial responsibility for the monthly membership fee for the whole group. One monthly direct debit will be collected from the primary member.

  • How much is Group Membership?

For groups of two £69 per month excluding joining fee.

For groups of up to four £99 per month excluding joining fee.

  • How many people can be in a Group Membership?

We are now offering group memberships to groups of two, or up to four people.

  • How do I add the group members to the membership?

If you purchase group membership online, after purchasing the membership you will need to email with the details of your linked members including their full names, date of births, emails and phone numbers. If you purchase the group membership in the centre the group can be added by our sales team.

  • How do I get my membership cards?

This can be obtained at reception, both the primary member and the linked members will need to bring ID to obtain their membership cards.

  • How much will it cost me to change my personal membership to Group Membership?

There is no charge to switch to a Group Membership.

  • Do Group Members have to attend the centre together?

No, all members will have individual membership cards and accounts and can use the centre and classes whenever they choose.

  • Can I take out Group Membership at the John Warner Sports Centre only?

Group membership is only available for dual centre membership. Group members have unlimited access to all classes and facilities at both the Laura Trott Leisure Centre and the John Warner Sports Centre.

  • What is the minimum contract period for Group Membership?

The Group Membership contract must be for a minimum period of four months.

  • What if the members of my group change?

The primary member can change the group members at any point but there is a £10 administration charge for each and any change made.

  • Are there any other costs involved?

All new members must have an induction, as a group or individually, and there is one initial £30 charge for group inductions paid at the point the membership is set up.

  • What if I decide to go back to individual membership?

If you decide to go back to individual membership, you will need to take out a new membership contract and you will be charged at the current membership rate and minimum term of commitment. All group members will lose access to the membership if the primary member cancels the membership.


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