Laura Trott Leisure Centre Gym Refurbishment FAQ's


Q: Why wasn’t this done over lockdown?

A: During the various lockdowns global supply chains were heavily affected and we were unable to get equipment into the country.

Q: When are you closing and for how long?

A: The planned closure of the gym and eGym will be from Wednesday 7 July until we re-open on Monday 26 July.

Q: Why have you only just told us closure dates?


A: We could not confirm the closure dates until we knew when the equipment was due to arrive in the country.

Q: Why am still paying when you’re going to be shut for a period?

A: We will still be open for all activities while the gym is closed including exercise classes, badminton and squash. Don’t forget racket sports are free to Fit and Well members during off peak times. In addition the gym team will be running extra back to back circuits and core classes. If you want to use a gym then you also have access to a fantastic facility at the John Warner Sports Centre, Hoddesdon, a perfect opportunity to try out the same type of Pulse equipment that is being installed at LTLC.

We are also providing access to Les Mills on demand classes via our app, completely free of charge throughout July.

Q:  When the gym and eGym re-opens will we still have to book sessions on line and in advance?

A:  This will depend on the next stage of the Government road map out of lockdown. Currently the next stage is set as 19 July. If the Government lifts restrictions on this date, booked sessions will not have to be implemented.

Q:  When the gym re-opens will we still have to wipe equipment down with chemical as this process, although necessary, doesn’t appear to be any good for the equipment?

A:  During the gym closure Clenzair active filtration system is being installed. This system kills viruses and bacteria immediately and without the need to disinfect using traditional chemical methods. Users will no longer be required to use chemicals to clean equipment after use, however wiping down the equipment with blue roll after each use is still requested. The cleaning stations will remain in place for this purpose.