Kidz Klub Testimonials

Testimonials for Kidz Klub from happy parents, carers and the children

"The kids love it, great price when you have 2".

"Well run and lots of fun, kids love it, no complaints"

"Kidz Klub was fab.  My son loved it and wanted to stay the whole day when I only needed half days.  Thanks a lot, he will be back"

"My son has been attending Kidz Klub this summer, he always looks forward to going, he used to go to another club but loves this one much more, the staff are amazing, very welcoming and friendly.  I would definitely recommend to anyone".

"A very big thank you for looking after my children so well.  The anxious children I brought in on their first day are now brimming with confidence.  This is the first time i've needed to use a holiday club and I am so glad I chose you".

"I always send my chidlren and they go home happy, with new friends and plenty of praise for the organisers".

"From the moment I walked into the sports hall the staff were professional and welcoming.  My young person has to take medication and staff ensure that there are full records of his medication routine.  Kidz Klub is one of the best and safest clubs that I have attended.  My young person cannot wait to go back each day.  With his additional needs, if there wasn't this safe place for him to go, meet new friends and enjoy himself, he'd be stuck at home with his respite carer getting bored and in trouble!  Thank you to the staff for their hard work.  I would definitely recommend this to my fellow foster carers and parents".

I like Kidz Klub because:

"You get to do activities".

"I like going to Scrambles.  I also like going to the dance studio".

"It's fun and you never get left out".

"It is really fun and you get to go on the astro and I like the different activities we do".

"There is a lot of fun and toys".

"The staff there are really nice and they play with you and it is really fun".

"I like all of the activities and making new friends".

"I love that we go swimming and we go to the park".

"It's fun and you get to play different games".

"It is fun".

"You can do lots of different activities".

"On Thursday you get to go to Scrambles and it is the best".

"I like coming here to make new friends and play basketball".

"I like Scrambles and the park and trampolining and Nat and Eddie".

"I like that at Kidz Klub you have fun and play on the bouncy castle".

"It's fun in the holidays".

"I like going to the park because it's really fun".

"I like the activities we do and everybody is kind".

"I like doing capture the flag".

"I like making new friends and playing basketball".

"We play so fun".

"I like playing most things and also love that there's always something to do".

"I like playing football".

"On Fridays we get face painted and the roller disco and bouncy castle".

"You make lots of stuff and there are good activities".

"I play with my friends".

"I like drawing".

"I like going to the park".

"If you are from 4-12 years there is always something to do from arts and crafts to sport".