Get Active

If you like to be active and have fun, the Borough of Broxbourne is the place for you. Whether it's an adrenaline rush in a Go Kart, a cycle around the Lee Valley or trying to avoid your friends attempts to splash you with paint, Broxbourne has something for you.

Enjoy Broxbourne On Your Bike or have fun with your furry friend




             Rye House Go Karting                                           Rye House Lazer Combat                                                   Park Run


                   Lee valley Cycle Hire                                      Herts Young Mariners Base                                         Lee Valley Park Walks


           Zap Combat in Broxbourne Woods                                    Cheshunt Skate Park                                                      Jump City 


                        Ramblers Association                                      Shaolin Temple, Cheshunt                                Active Herts - In Broxbourne

                                                                    Outside Broxbourne Borough, but a great place to visit


                                                                                           Westmill Farm Activtiy Centre