Polling Review

The Council is currently consulting on proposed changes to polling district boundaries and polling places.  Polling districts are sub-divisions of borough wards.  Polling places are the places within which polling stations are located, such as schools and community halls.

The Council is required to periodically review polling arrangements in the Borough.  Of particular importance to the review is ensuring that all polling places are easily located and easily accessible for all members of the community.  Having reviewed the existing polling provision, the current set up of polling districts, places and stations appears to be largely appropriate to the needs of the community, however, some changes are proposed.

The current proposals affect areas of eight wards: Hoddesdon North, Hoddesdon Town and Rye Park, Wormley and Turnford, Cheshunt North, Cheshunt South and Theobalds, Flamstead End, Goffs Oak and Rosedale and Bury Green.  It is proposed to relocate two polling stations in Cheshunt whilst adding one in the Goffs Oak ward.  Polling district boundary changes are proposed in each of the eight wards listed.

The Council would welcome any comments regarding the proposals from the public.  Of particular value would be comments on accessibility from persons and bodies representing those with a disability and that might be considered for alternative places to use as polling places/stations.  The Council has also written directly to various interested groups and bodies that are experienced in access issues for the disabled.

Comments received during the consultation period will be discussed by the Constitutional Working Party upon completion of consultation.

Details of the current arrangements and the proposed changes are available on the right.