Annual Budget 2018-19

This document sets out, in financial terms, the Council’s policies, aims and objectives for the financial year 2018/19.  It also includes statistics and background information supporting the budget figures.

The budgetary process

The budget takes account of Government guidelines for revenue and capital expenditure, Council policies and objectives, level of service provision and available resources.

Individual service areas are responsible for preparing budgets covering their own activities. These are then submitted to the Cabinet which has the task of reviewing them in light of overall policy objectives and determining the level of council tax to be set in light of Government policies in relation to local government finance. The proposed council tax charges are approved at the full Council meeting in February.

During the year, actual expenditure and income is continuously monitored against budget by individual service departments and corporately by the production of monthly monitoring reports and, where appropriate, corrective action is taken. Following the end of the financial year on 31 March, the Council reviews actual performance compared with the estimates, together with a brief commentary on major variances.

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