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Are you doing building work? Do you need to get rid of household waste? Below are some frequently asked questions about skips:

I need a skip to take away my rubbish; can I put it out on the road?

Skips are only allowed on the public highway if it is licensed by the local authority. It is illegal to place a skip on the highway without  permission from your local authority.

Do I need a licence if the skip is going onto the grass verge?

Yes, the grassed verges are classified as public highway and on all public highway areas you will need a license.

Do I need a licence if the skip is going onto my private land?


I am the homeowner/ builder. How do I get the permission?

When you contact the skip company, they will inform the Council and request a licence for the skip to be placed on the public highway. You do not need to do anything other than to arrange for the skip to be delivered.

I am the skip company. How do I get permission?

You will need to contact the Council, give your business details and show proof that you have Public Liability insurance of £10 million. We will also need a copy of your Waste Disposal Agreement which you will be able to obtain from the Environment Agency, 

If you have already done this you need to apply for a licence by requesting an application form  or by calling 01992 785564. Fill out the details (see related link on the right of the page) and return it to us.

What happens next?

Once we have received the application, an inspector will visit the site and decide if the skip can be placed in the location indicated on the application form. The inspector will consider a number of points including:

  • traffic volumes and speed of traffic on the street
  • visibility - does the skip cause a danger by reducing visibility?
  • available width of the highway
  • disruption to other road users - the site may affect pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes or bus lanes
  • access to premises
  • the effect it will have on parking restrictions, for example yellow lines and parking meters
  • planned or existing road works
  • other local and specific issues, for example shopping areas
  • the condition of the road/path/verge before the skip is delivered so that if the skip causes any subsequent damage charges for re-instatement can be made 

Should the inspector consider the location of the skip is not appropriate he will speak to you to find ways to assist you. You may be able to have it on your own land or someone else’s land, if they give you permission. Please remember that if the inspector refuses your application having considered the points above, you are not allowed to place the skip on the Public Highway without permission. If you do, you may be fined.

Once my skip is in place what else do I have to do?

If your skip is staying overnight, you must ensure the skip company has supplied lights for the skip. Part of the conditions of the licence is to ensure your skip is lit at night to guard against accidents. 

You are not allowed to have any other building materials such as bricks or sand next to the skip. These materials must be delivered and placed on your private land. If the inspector sees this happening you will be asked to remove the materials.

You must not overfill the skip; as soon as the skip is full it must be removed within two days and a fresh skip put in place. Skips with waste overspilling can cause problems for passing motorists and may cause an accident. You may also be liable for prosecution if your waste is not contained properly.

Ensure your skip is not filled with waste which your skip company cannot take away, such as asbestos. If you have special waste like this, please telephone our Helpline on 01992 785577 for further information about how to remove the waste.

If you have any other questions please visit one of the Council's one stop shops, contact the Council’s Helpline on 01992 785577 or e-mail