Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

Broxbourne Council is responsible for licensing taxi and private hire vehicles operating in the Borough. All drivers must display their driver's badge so passengers can identify them as the licensed driver of the vehicle. Members of the public can use two types of licensed vehicles in Broxbourne.

Private hire vehicles 

These vehicles must be booked in advance and cannot pick passengers up from taxi ranks or be hailed from the street. They can be recognised by a yellow plate on the rear of the vehicle with the Council's logo and a three-figure number with a 'P' prefix. Private hire fares are usually charged by a set amount per mile or a negotiated price. Broxbourne Council has no authority over these charges.


These vehicles can be booked in advance, hailed from the street when the 'For Hire' light is on, or hired from a taxi rank within the Borough.  They are also known as hackney carriages.

When the hire light is on drivers cannot refuse a hiring without a reasonable excuse. They can be recognised by a white plate on the rear of the vehicle with the Council's logo and a three-figure number with an 'H' prefix. Taxis must use the meter on journeys entirely within the Borough. 

Passengers should not be charged more than is displayed on the meter for the journey and any waiting time. For journeys that terminate outside the Borough taxi drivers may use the meter or agree a fare with the passenger before the journey commences. A tariff card displaying the meter charges must be displayed in the vehicle.

  Table of fares for hackney carriages from 1 November 2014


Hiring time

Fare up to 1100 metres

Each additional unit of 166 metres or part thereof or every 38 seconds waiting time


6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday inclusive




10pm to 6am Monday to Friday inclusive. 10pm Saturday to 6am Monday.  All day Bank Holidays

£4.00 30p

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and after 6pm Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

£5.00 40p

For vehicles licensed to carry up to 8 passengers and carrying 5 or more passengers substitute Rates, 2, 3 and 4 for Rates 1, 2 and 3.

£6.80 60p

There is no charge for assistance dogs.  There is no charge for all other dogs, although they are carried at the driver's discretion. 

A charge of up to £75 can be made to passengers who cause soiling to the driver's vehicle. 


If you have a complaint about a company, vehicle or driver licensed by Broxbourne Council, please contact the Licensing Officer using the contact details to the right of the page.  Complainants should quote the vehicle registration number, licence number or the driver's badge number.